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Commercial buildings need to satisfy increasingly higher levels of insulation performance. Standards are being made more demanding and this trend will continue. All areas of the building need to be brought in line with these requirements, including the entrances. Like the ISO 40 and ISO 60 sectional doors, the panel cavity is filled with dense polyurethane foam, with a thermal break between the inner and outer skins. The ISO 80 sectional door uses the same design principle but offers even greater thermal insulation.

  • Filled with polyurethane foam
  • Even higher thermal insulation
  • Ideally suited for cold stores

Optimum insulation

By offering optimum insulation performance coupled with a U value of 0.25 W/m2K, the ISO 80 satisfies the requirements of customers who want to construct buildings (or have them constructed) in accordance with today’s standards. As a result, this door is ideal for cold stores and refrigerated warehouses, industrial buildings, warehouses and distribution centres where heat loss is a major risk and/or where the temperature of the goods must be guaranteed.

Floor seal

For enhanced energy retention Alpha uses a double rubber profile on the ISO 80 Door with an inward curved sealing lip for optimum sealing. The rubber profiles are accommodated by a special plastic profile with a low heat conduction, furthermore the sealing lip of the rubber profile forms a tight connection with the vertical lateral seals.

  • Panel thickness: 80 mm
  • Insulation value: U=0,25 W/m2K
  • Density PU foam: 40 kg/m3

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Sandwich-construction ISO 80 mm panel

A Paint layer: RAL 7016, 9002 and 9006 (outside)
B Zinc coating: 275 g/m2
C Steel sheet: 0,5 mm
D Zinc coating: 275 g/m2
E Primer coating
F PU high density foam: g=40 kg/m3, CFK en H-CFK vrij
G Paint layer: RAL 9002 (inside)


Applications for the 80 mm ISO