Attractively styled sectional doors are increasingly displacing traditional up-andover and hinged garage doors in modern architecture and residential construction. Our sectional garage door is a modern, wellinsulated and easy-to-operate concept that is available in seven panel types.

  • Panels for every architectural style
  • Extensive colour palette
  • Same spare parts as our industrial doors

Our sectional garage doors

Door leaves made up of ISO panels
In the case of ISO garage door systems, the door leaf is constructed from ISO sandwich panels. We use insulated sandwich panels to manufacture the door leaf. This panel consists of two steel outer skins that enclose a high density foam core.

This quality product is highly weather-proof and corrosion-resistant. When developing the panel, no concessions were made in terms of the choice of materials, sheet thickness and the type and density of PU foam.

Panel thickness: 40 mm
Insulation value: k = 0.59 W/m²K
Density PU foam: ca. 40 kg/m³
Thermal conductivity: λ = 0.025 W/mK
Sound insulation: R’w 26 dB