ISO 60 mm

Double-walled sectional doors 60 mm thick with thermally interrupted steel panels

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ISO 60 mm sectional doors are overhead doors with extra-insulating and sealing properties that are mainly used in locations where the division between different climate zones is important. If you need to keep your production hall or storage area at a constant temperature, the ISO 60 mm door is the right one for you. The micro-profiled steel plate panels have excellent sound-absorbing and heat-insulating properties and they can withstand all the elements.

  • Even temperature in each hall
  • 14 standard colours
  • In-house microprofiled steel sheet panels
  • Excellent soundproofing properties

Very high insulative value

The panels of the ISO sectional doors are manufactured using what is known as the sandwich method, a process that entails a layer of CFC-free rigid polyurethane foam being inserted between two zinc-coated steel plate sheets and glued in place. The doors are available in 10 standard colours. The steel plate sheets can also be spray painted in a RAL colour of your choosing.

  • Panel thickness: 60 mm
  • Insulation value: U=0,35 W/m2K
  • Density PU foam: 40 kg/m3

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Sandwichconstruction ISO 60 mm panel

A Paint layer: 10 standard colours (outside)
B Zinc coating: 275 g/m2
C Steel sheet: 0,5 mm
D Zinc coating: 275 g/m2
E Primer coating:
F PU high density foam: g=40 kg/m3 and HCFC-free
E Primer coating:
D Zinc coating: 275 g/m2
C Steel sheet: 0,5 mm
B Zinc coating: 275 g/m2
A Paint layer: RAL 9002 (inside)


Applications for the ISO 60 mm